Disney #Fairies and #Transformers Kinder Surprise eggs #KinderMom


Disney #Fairies and Transformers Kinder Surprise eggs #KinderMom Did you know that I am a Kinder Mom? Yes I am, and a very proud one! It is elevating me to the status of the coolest mom amongst my kids and their friends. I have to admit that I am really excited to be a Kinder [...]

Get ready for local savings! #ShopLocal

Get ready for local savings

This is it! Get ready to save more than ever before. A brand new company called localsavings.ca, will be launching in a few days and will give you access to amazing deals and discounts. Do you own a business or are you a savvy shopper? Listen up, you will want to join this company in [...]

Top 100 Step-By-Step Napkin Folds

Napkin Folds

I always wanted to learn how to execute beautiful napkin folds. It is such a fun and creative way to bring colors and elegance to your table. It could not get easier now that I have received the Top 100 Step-By-Step Napkin Folds book to review. With the help of the book, I was able [...]

Provacare Giveaway

Provacare Giveaway

Very delicate and itchy subject here- 2 out of 3 women misdiagnose their vaginal infection symptoms and use the wrong treatment. Choosing the wrong treatment can lead to painful and aggravating recurrences. Thankfully, Provacare helps treat and prevent vaginal infections caused by yeast and bacterial vaginosis. The Provacare Soothing Feminine Foaming Wash is made with [...]

Canada’s first and only online bakery marketplace

Canada's first and only online bakery marketplace Macarons

Some things are really high on my list of priorities. Eating amazing bake goods from Shopbake.com is one of them. Yum! We had the opportunity to try delicious treats from Dollop Bakery, Petal Dust Bake Shop, Branded Bites, Cookie Scoop and Short and Sweet Cupcakes. We enjoyed every bite of  the macarons, cupcake, chocolate, and [...]