Popular Coupon Myths #Couponing

Popular Coupon Myths the flying couponer

Popular Coupon Myths You might know these popular coupon myths. In fact, you might even believe some of them. We probably all did at some point but I would really like to address some misconceptions with you. Only Poor people are using coupons Only smart people use coupons! This is a common fear for new […]

Miracle 10 Skincare

Miracle 10 Skincare

Miracle 10 Skincare I was really happy to get the opportunity to try some Miracle 10 skincare products. I have a very sensitive skin so I chose to try the Deluxe Travel Kit Collection for Delicate/Dry Skin and the Moisture moisturizer. My first impressions were really good. How gorgeous is the packaging! I also like […]

Happy New Year #KinderMom

Happy New Year #KinderMom

Happy New Year #KinderMom Going back to school after the holidays was easier than I was expected. My kids were actually really excited to go back. I have to say that a few days prior to the first day back to school, I helped my children get back into the routine. I got them motivated […]

Tips to Get You to a Fantastic New You

PicMonkey Collagenew

Tips to Get You to a Fantastic New You Every year my goal is the same, I want to be healthy. My everyday steps towards my new year’s goal are realistic and simple. I believe that the best way to keep our New Year’s resolutions and goals is to work towards them a little at […]

Stay Healthy Giveaway

Stay Healthy Giveaway. The Flying Couponer

Stay Healthy Giveaway Another fabulous year has just started and I am still on track with new goals for 2015. I prefer to call my resolutions “goals”, as it seems to be easier to maintain. Hehe! My family and I have a pretty serious goal in mind – we want to be healthier. Our goal […]