Couponing in Canada- March 26

Couponing in Canada- March 26, 2014.


As a couponer, it is important to collect as many coupons as possible. With a little bit of  practice you will develop what I like to call the “coupon eye”. You will soon be able to spot tear pad coupons a mile away.

While shopping at Walmart this week I saw these very attractive displays! It was like they were calling me! LOL!

Lysol coupon Nivea Nivea Men

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  1. 1

    Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations says

    I want to learn how to coupon for toiletries and such. I would love to have a big inventory of that. Not so much food but, for stuff like this and TP. LOL!

  2. 2

    Jenn says

    I’m great at collecting coupons. Cutting them out, finding the tear pads, etc. My problem is I forget to use them!! They stay piled up until I realize they are expired and throw them out. Not very useful! I need to develop the couponers brain!

  3. 3

    Sarah says

    I really need to get into couponing more… I need a system because I always seem to have coupons for things but leave them at home! Oops!

  4. 4

    Katherine Moore says

    I have a little zipper bag in my purse with all my coupons. Every where I go, if I see a coupon I always take one and put it in my little bag. The trick is not to forget what you have. I often do. So now I try to pull out my little bag every time I write out my shopping list. It helps me take advantage of the discounts I have so as not to lose out before the deals expire.

  5. 5

    Shannon says

    Oh that Lysol one is a good one. I usually see the empty tear pads… and that make me sad. Will be keeping my “couponing eye” open at Walmart. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. 6

    Christine says

    I get really excited when I see coupon pads in stores!! YAY!! One of my favorite coupons are coupons for Olive Oil!

  7. 8

    Victoria Ess says

    I’m not great at keeping my eye out for coupons or keeping track of the ones I have. I definitely need to get better at this!