Let’s share Couponing Tips!



Recently I have been in a few shopping trips that were pretty stressful and no fun at all! I decided to revisit the way I am doing things. I have to admit that I am not the most organized person, I enjoy chaos and messy situations. I guess that is why I am a Flight Attendant, I never know where I am going to be next.

If you have a look at my picture, you will notice that I started to use adhesive tape to attach my coupons on the products. So easy and stress free! I still wonder why I didn’t try that before!

Also,  I wanted to ask you how your are dealing with this so annoying checkout situation:  The cashier start scanning your items before you had time to get everything out of your grocery cart. Please give me your tips in a comment below!

Happy Couponing!


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    Karen H says

    I try to get the same cashier at each store I go to. By the time I’ve gone through a couple of times they generally realize that I know what I’m doing and tell me that I don’t need to sort them with the product. I now am just able to hand them the pile of coupons at the start and they know that I’m good to go. However, when I go to someone new I try to pick a line that the person in front of me has a long of things to ring in, this lets me get things organized on the belt before my turn comes

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    kaleigh haslbeck says

    when using the pom coupon on actual fruit and not the juice, how much does it usually make it?? i never thought of using it on fruit!

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    Sandra says

    I am an avid couponer. I am also a cashier in a grocery store. I could list many annoying situations with unprepared price matchers or couponers. I choose to overlook some people’s annoying traits and be patient for a variety of reasons. In the work world today companies expect increased productivity for less cost. Cashiers, like many production type workers are expected to work as fast as they can without mistakes. Slow downs cost money they say. Companies want to make more and more money and require their workers to step up production rates to achieve this. IPM or items per minute rates are monitored with every customer through the registers. Stopping and waiting affects this rate. The rate is used to determine if you should keep your job or not. There are hundreds of unemployed people just waiting for a “vacancy” it pop up. I think you owe the annoying cashiers an appology and take your complaint up with the CEO’s.

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      admin says

      Thanks, I like to know what people are really thinking. I never said that the cashier was annoying, the situation is. I appreciate the work of cashiers, and I am sure that they would wait if they were given the opportunity.

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    april c says

    when i come up to a till, I always put everything that doesn’t have coupons up first.. easier for the cashier and more time for me to get things in order.
    I also tell the cashier that items with coupons start here.. and hand them the coupons with each product so there is no mistake and no accidently loosing coupons in the belt.. :( happened before and was quite sad.
    Good idea with the taping coupons to help keep organized. I’d be worried that the tape would wreck the coupon if it wasn’t carefully removed.
    When i go out, i have my list of items i need written on a envelope and all the coupons i have planned to use inside. No messing around with my binder looking for stuff. unless of course I see a great clearance :)

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    Kaley Davies says

    I am sure situations can be frustrating for both parties dependant on the situation. Thx for shring this is a great article to help us all learn from eachother to make the experience more enjoyable but sometimes it goes wrong even though both parties tried their best. One great idea I like to do is to 1. Highlight the expiry date on the coupons before checking out and letting the cashier and also those behind you that you are price matching and using sevarl couipons just as a heads up , hope this helps and look forward to reading more ideas thx crew!~

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    Lucy Cober says

    I always have a envelope as well with the product and size written down and the coupon inside and as I do this I have it numbered on the envelope and inside the envelope the coupons in right order as the numbers on envelope also when putting the things in the cart lined up to the numbers and the way my coupons are organized in envelope.When I go to till I always let people behind know I have coupons and price matching for everything.I always say I am going to get one of those shirts that say on back of it FYI:I have a coupon and price matching for everything in my crat.Never got around to it yet so its all verbal.And with the price matching I always have the products written on the envelope size etc and what page in the flyer and the flyer sticky noted with the product name size sticking out so its easier to find at cash.I must say the cashiers I ever had I never had a annoying situation yet.Is that the organization or is it luck not sure lol.

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    Tanya R says

    Hey girl! That is also a pet peave – when I’m trying to load my products onto the belt at the till and match my coupons with the products and the cashier is rushing and scanning things faster than I can get organized! Ack! Well, I, like you in your picture here, try to put the coupons with the product in my cart (sometimes) so I can easily put them on the belt together. If that doesn’t work, I will put any products that do not have coupons on the belt first, as that gives me some leeway. Then, I’ll put the products with coupons on the belt, and I’ll put the coupon on top of it, and not put another thing on the belt until I have that first product dealt with. It’s kind of a tough situation… it’s always nice when there’s one person in line in front of me! LOL